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Going to the gym everyday for a month


At the beginning of this month I realized that I never follow through with my goals.  For example, last winter I had started knitting baby blankets for my niece and godson. I was doing a simple patter, and planned to do it while watching my TV shows everyday.  Yet I did not keep up, I am now half-way through and the blanket (I only got to one) is laying in a corner of my bedroom.

Last February, I decided to start painting again.  I went to the craft store, I bought more supplies. I set up a space to paint, got started and stopped.

Same thing with the decoration of my apart.  My landlord will not let us paint the walls or nails in the walls. So I had decided to restore and paint the furniture.  My friend who is big on decorating her apart in Baltimore, introduced me to this website (www.apartmenttherapy.com) to have ideas.  I went to the hardware store, bought paint and supplies.  I was thinking of first doing my kitchen. I would paint the table blue and the chairs lemon yellow.  So far I put one coat on the table and stopped.

I see a pattern there. I get excited about a project, get started then lose the motivation.  I find excuses then to explain why I did not follow through; it is lack of time, distraction, sore body, not in the mood etc… All valid excuses, but if I want to accomplish anything in life I need to put in the work.

So I am going to suck it up and get my beach body. I have received a gift certificate to a local gym that offers classes like lifting and zumba.  My goal is to go everyday for a month. I will mix classes with training or free circuit. I need to do it. I will keep you updated!!!