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The Hudson Valley- Dutchess County from my point of view


I live in NY, not NYC but NY. People call my area upstate NY, but it is in the middle of the state.  The area where I live is rural, and people are a bit stand off-ish.  It is hard to make new friends since most people grew up together and know each other from the womb.  It is an area big into farming (which I support to the best of my abilities).  The landscape is nice specially during spring and fall.  The customer service is nicer than NYC.  One can find a hardwood floor apart for very cheap.  A few restaurants hire Culinary Institute of America (CIA) students in their kitchen, so the food is good.

That being said, I strongly dislike the area.  The people are closed-minded.  Most of the time, they do not want to get outside their comfort zone and experience life differently.  They do not try new cuisines often.  The shows are catered to one particular niche that I do not belong to.  The attractions are rural, which are not in my taste.

I wish I could live in a bigger city, with more choices for venues, attractions, food, shows, concerts etc…. However, no matter how hard I try to find a job in a big city, I fail.