Sharpie Mugs DIY !


This Christmas, I wanted to give presents to a few of my coworkers.  However, I did not want to spend too much money.  After searching for hours on Pinterest, I found this blog post about sharpie Mugs:

I followed the steps (which is an accomplishment for me, I CANNOT follow steps !), and I came up with that . I drew snowmen faces on one side, and the first letter of their name on the opposite side.  I put hot cocoa mix in assortment bags and Voila! I am very proud of myself.  Now, my next project is knitting my boyfriend a scarf for Christmas.

PS: Please do not mind the mess in the second pic =/




I survived my first semester of Grad School


I just survived my first semester in Grad School. (Whoop Whoop!!!)  It was not as easy as I thought it would be.  I had to balance a full-time job, part-time volunteering, and classes.  On top of that, I wanted to make new friends and be in a happy relationship with my boyfriend.

I am relatively new to the area where I live. I have been there for about 3 years. However, because people in this area know each other for so long, it is hard to break into new groups.  I signed up with the website, and I joined a few groups with similar interests.  I have met a few people that I kept in touch with.

My new acquaintances are not up for the game.  I am a party girl.  I miss clubbing, dancing, drinking , laughing.  I miss my college friends who could go all night dancing with me, and we would stay up talking until sunset.  I miss the sisterhood, the long walks with my roommate to clear my head, and the spontaneous laughs. The new girls are more mellow and laid back.  They are at a different stage of their lives, they cannot go party all night or jump on a plane last minute.  They are great people, but I need the thrill of fresh and crazy new ideas.

On the other hand, I am so busy in my current life, that I would not have time for crazy good plans. It is where my dilemma lies, I want the college life back, however I cannot live this life anymore.  I have too many responsibilities.  I need to work on transitioning out of college life into the life of a young adult.

I live close to my Alma mater.  It also does not help that I live 30 minutes away from the college that I attended for my undergrad studies.  I have one friend who lives on campus and invites me over often.  I feel like I have not really moved out to better things or accomplished anything.  I want the good college life back, yet I want to spread my wings and fly far away and see the world.

In two years, I want to have found a job abroad.  I should finish my studies in two years. In the meantime, I will look for ways to find a position in Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, UK, or Australia (hopefully in my field).

Life is made for living!!!



Today I feel very lonely.  I have not had a real talk with a good friend in months.  I chit-chat with coworkers and acquaintances, but it is not the same.  I do not have the same feeling of being understood and having made a connection with someone with these mundane talks.

It all started with me.  After breaking up with one of my best-friend, I decided to give my heart a break to give it time to heal. I choose to be social but to be emotionally unavailable.  I thought the way to get a strong heart was to keep it away from passions that might burn it.  Surely, as the months and years passed, people sensed that I was not willing to let them in my life.  Those who wanted to be friends stayed friends, yet I guarded my heart away from them.

Now, I have come to regret this decision.  People have drifted away, and I feel so lonely.  It is hard and awkward to re-kindle old friendships.  So much has happened since I took the break, and people no longer feel connected to me.  It is too much work for them to befriend me on a deeper level.

However, I am decided. I want friends, I want a support group, I want laughter, I want good memories.

I need to open up to life and trust people again.

The Immigrant: “Don’t Speak English, I” (poem)


“Don’t Speak English, I”

by Luis Samuel González


Father told me, “Tell them…”

“I don’t speak English,”

because I understood the world in Spanish.

On a school day morning and acutely shy –ahem, ahem…

while reinventing grammar I told them:

“Don’t speak English, I.”

It was only close to right. I could have just died!

But like an immigrant who would not be defeated,

my courageous little mouth, lips and tongue repeated:

“Jes! Don’t speak English, I.”


The Hudson Valley- Dutchess County from my point of view


I live in NY, not NYC but NY. People call my area upstate NY, but it is in the middle of the state.  The area where I live is rural, and people are a bit stand off-ish.  It is hard to make new friends since most people grew up together and know each other from the womb.  It is an area big into farming (which I support to the best of my abilities).  The landscape is nice specially during spring and fall.  The customer service is nicer than NYC.  One can find a hardwood floor apart for very cheap.  A few restaurants hire Culinary Institute of America (CIA) students in their kitchen, so the food is good.

That being said, I strongly dislike the area.  The people are closed-minded.  Most of the time, they do not want to get outside their comfort zone and experience life differently.  They do not try new cuisines often.  The shows are catered to one particular niche that I do not belong to.  The attractions are rural, which are not in my taste.

I wish I could live in a bigger city, with more choices for venues, attractions, food, shows, concerts etc…. However, no matter how hard I try to find a job in a big city, I fail.

So much has happened since I last Blogged


It has been more than a year since I blogged. I was getting my strength from my readers and their comments, and when their numbers started decreasing my reason to write went out the door. I will try one last time, and I will stop if I cannot get any pleasure from writing.

Maybe blogging is not for me, or maybe I need to find a better motivation.  Nonetheless, I am trying once again.


I have found a way around my depression. At first, I just wanted for people to reach out to me and get me out of that hole that depression made me carve.  Lately, I realized that I cannot wait on people, I need to love myself and want to save myself from depressing thoughts.  I need to get up and make my life happen. No one else can do it but me.  That was the first step to become happier.  I am re-learning how to smile.SMILE

Rape Culture???


Yesterday, I was discussing women’s attire with my boyfriend, and he used the term “rape culture”; stating that some people think that the UCSB shooting this past May was justified…..

I was baffled that some people are justifying rape and shooting of women.  If a woman dresses sexy it is her choice; now if the view of her body arouse a man, it is ok. But that does not mean she HAS to have sex with that man.  I thought everyone was on the same page!!

How come in his century people still have barbaric thoughts and point of view??! How can they think that since a woman arouse you she needs to have sex with you?! That is out of control! I was expecting better from this generation.

On the other hand, how come we do not hear cases of women raping or shooting men because he was exciting them with the way the jeans grabs their butts?! I still have yet to hear about a woman getting pumped up at the strip club to follow an exotic dancer home and rape him.  How come women can refrain themselves from raping another human being and not men?

I am going to stop hear because I am about to go on a rant.

Have a good night or better a nice day haha (it is 5 am in NY )