So much has happened since I last Blogged


It has been more than a year since I blogged. I was getting my strength from my readers and their comments, and when their numbers started decreasing my reason to write went out the door. I will try one last time, and I will stop if I cannot get any pleasure from writing.

Maybe blogging is not for me, or maybe I need to find a better motivation.  Nonetheless, I am trying once again.


I have found a way around my depression. At first, I just wanted for people to reach out to me and get me out of that hole that depression made me carve.  Lately, I realized that I cannot wait on people, I need to love myself and want to save myself from depressing thoughts.  I need to get up and make my life happen. No one else can do it but me.  That was the first step to become happier.  I am re-learning how to smile.SMILE


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