Rape Culture???


Yesterday, I was discussing women’s attire with my boyfriend, and he used the term “rape culture”; stating that some people think that the UCSB shooting this past May was justified…..

I was baffled that some people are justifying rape and shooting of women.  If a woman dresses sexy it is her choice; now if the view of her body arouse a man, it is ok. But that does not mean she HAS to have sex with that man.  I thought everyone was on the same page!!

How come in his century people still have barbaric thoughts and point of view??! How can they think that since a woman arouse you she needs to have sex with you?! That is out of control! I was expecting better from this generation.

On the other hand, how come we do not hear cases of women raping or shooting men because he was exciting them with the way the jeans grabs their butts?! I still have yet to hear about a woman getting pumped up at the strip club to follow an exotic dancer home and rape him.  How come women can refrain themselves from raping another human being and not men?

I am going to stop hear because I am about to go on a rant.

Have a good night or better a nice day haha (it is 5 am in NY )


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