Traveling in New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Chicago


Traveling is a passion of mine. This past month, I have been to 3 different states in mini road trips. I went to New Orleans for the Jazz Fest, I took my boyfriend to Philadelphia, PA to celebrate his birthday, and last weekend I was in Chicago, IL for a job interview.

I already have a post about NOLA( New Orleans, LA), so I will not tell again how much I love that city.

Philly was ok, I liked it.  We got there too late for the museums, (they all close at 5pm) but we did enjoy the hospitality of the people there. People were so willing to help, and they even went out of their way to make change for us for the bus fare. They directed us to place to get decent food (didn’t get the cheese steak though). We went only to walk around town, went to the barcade, and on Sunday went to visit the Liberty Bell and took a class at the Parkour gym. It was nice. I will go back to visit again and to get my cheese steak.

Chicago was nice. I loved it. I went there for a job interview. The people at the office are ok, I am willing to put up with them just to live in Chicago hahaha. The people of Chicago are relax and laid back, not as talkative as Phily, but nice enough. I flew to the interview, then my best friend and boyfriend drove from NY to Chicago and we stayed for the weekend there. We visited the millennium park and took picture next to the could gate. We went to Lincoln Park Zoo  (it was free!!) and at night we meet with a friend for Pizza at Due and fireworks at the Navy Piers. I love that city, I need to get the job so I can move there.

All these trips, we drove to our destination. It is tiring but if given the chance I would redo it in a heartbeat. However, I cannot deny that flying would have been a better option and way less tiring!!

I am happy to have travel companion, it is nice to experience a new place with friends who can make it funnier and more interesting.

I hope to start traveling abroad soon!!!

My friends please let me know about your travels =)



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