Silver Lining


I am going to start celebrating each day. I have struggles, fears, and decisions to do and that sometimes can bring my mood down. But I need to start seeing that each day is a present; it is. In times of doubt, instead of naming things that are not working in my life, I will count the things that are still blessings. I need to see the silver lining more often. For example yesterday, I got out of work at the usual time, and tried starting my car, and it won’t. It was making a clicking sound. At first I thought it was because my gas tank was almost on empty.  I called my boyfriend, who (lucky me) was off on that day, and asked him to pick me up. Then he called AAA to have my car towed to his mechanic. We waited two hours, and about 4 hours after I got out of work I got to eat. I had received a TGIF gift card for my birthday so we went out to eat because no one felt like cooking. At the end of the night, I was tired and irritated. My bills are piling up. I have medical and dental bills amounting to more than $1,500, I paid $500 less than 2 weeks ago to have my muffler fixed. In addition, the end of the month is coming up and I got to pay my rent and my utility bills. Gosh! And I am not even starting on family drama.

On the other hand, I still want to appreciate the fact that I have a loving, caring and understanding boyfriend. I do have a job, I do have a family, and I am suffering from some disease. Things look bad financially, but things look great otherwise. And I want to remember that first and foremost.


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