I want a pet!!


I want a pet, but my landlord refuses for us to have one. At first I was thinking about a dog, I am a physically active person, but I do not guarantee that I will walk outdoor in freezing temperature.  Then, I was thinking about fishes. My boyfriend once won a fish for me at a county fair; it was a gold fish. I loved that fish. My friends warned me not to get attached because fishes in fairs usually do not have a long life span due to hard living conditions and travelling. One day, after he changed the tank water, the fish died. I was really sad. Lately, I have been looking to buy another gold fish. Hopefully by the end of this year, if I do not move again, I will get a fish. I was also thinking about turtles. I always loved turtles. When I was a kid, there was a famous pizzeria where there was a small pond with turtles in it; I used to ask my parent to give me lettuce to feed them. I also thought those turtles where the ninjas turtles because they lived in a pizza place. LOL I was thinking smaller aquatic turtles for my tank, maybe I could combine turtles and goldfish.   Ugh! though choice.  So some questions to my readers, do you have a pet? If yes, what is it? Any suggestions?? Tips??


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