Failure of my first blog— Lack of true goals


A couple of months ago I had started a blog titled “Frankleen has to talk”. I liked it. It was my first project. I had started well, I was trying to post once a week, and at first it was just fine. Then, I started having followers, and that panicked me. I was not sure why they were following me. Was it because they wanted more traffic on their page? Was it because my blog description interested them? Did they even read what I was writing?   Was I writing to their taste? Why weren’t they commenting? Why they only liked the poems I had copied from other known authors? Why they were not reacting to my writing? Too many questions….. In addition, one of my followers was one of my close friends when I was a teenager. She is going to depression and battling it as much as she can. But the fact that I know she is reading and that she could identify the people I was writing about was a drawback to my writing. I kept me from posting things from my heart. It also kept me from posting things about her, for she has hurt me in the past.

Another reason why my first blog failed was because  I had no clear goals for my blog. Like, why was I writing? Who was I writing for? What do I want to talk about?

I do not have all the answers to my questions, by I am more determined this time to have a successful blog experience. If people are reading , good. If not, since I am writing as a therapy for myself, and it is not mandatory for others to be following me then I will still enjoy writing. I will be like a public journal.

Now, I am starting that new blog. My actual goal is to talk about what has been eating me alive for years, what hurts me, upsets me or make me laugh. I will go in various topics as love, depression, gym, sadness, sex, being homesick, immigrant’s problems, race, sisterhood, culture, tv shows, travels, food and so on.

I will try to allocate time to write at least once a week. I need to learn how to manage my time

If anyone is reading/following my blog I strongly encourage you to comment. I would be more than happy to read and answer.Deep down, I know I would like for some people to interact with me, if they feel connected to me in some way shape or form.


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  1. I had a stage of panic when I first started blogging here as well. But…….. I decided that I just wanted a forum to post and share my words. I try not to care much what other people think. I do get bothered when I think they are just liking and not reading. Anyways just post for you. I look forward to reading your posts. God bless!

    • HI Pen of the Sheep,
      Thanks a lot for your comment. You are officially my first comment on this new blog. It bothers me sometimes, like you said when people just liked your post. Leaving a comment has more meaning to me.
      I hope to hear soon from you. And I will keep reading your forum.

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