A Little about The Jubilant Sister



I will start by briefly introducing myself.  Although my blog says posting from NY, USA,  I am not from this part of the globe. I am from the Caribbean. I grew up there then came to the USA to go to college.

I am a female who graduated from college not too long ago. I am a very simple person. If you would ask my friends they would probably say I am the most easy-going person; I try to not cause unnecessary problems. I also try to be as reliable as possible. When needed, I will go out of my way to help out a friend or a perfect stranger. I think I am a decent human being with my flaws and qualities. Now, I am working on my flaws and setting higher standard for myself.  I am also learning to love myself.

In my life, I have experienced terrible things but also amazing ones. However, the way my brain is wired, it seems that the terrible ones left me marked forever. I try to learn from them, and if possible to avoid repeating my mistakes or putting myself in a similar situation.

I am also learning to relax and let things to, and to accept that some things are out of my control; I can only do so much with the resources I have. It is such a hard concept for me to grasp.

To end on a happy thought, I am happily in a relationship of 2 years!!! I love my boyfriend so much!!

That is Frankleen for now. You will see her shape with every blog


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